Friday, May 28, 2010

Hearts of Darkness by Gena Showalter

Angel and Harpys are mortal enemy but this two bring out the best in each other.
this book is a short story with other authors of course for the series the Lords of the Underworld.
in here or main character is Bianka ( Gwen sister, wife of keeper of doubt) and a Angel Tysander ( mentor of Olivia wife of keeper of Wrath)
so in here your common lords world is not really much what happen but still some of the character appear and is funny because oil- wrestle have a new meaning for Paris ( keeper of Promiscuity) now but over all is a very short story and is one of those love like the other but in here make sense that he doesn't want her he is a angel all that is good and his job is to kill demons and she is a harpy no a demon but no all that nice either she is actually descendant of Lucifer themselves.
so here the thing been so different they actually would do anything for each other in other book they have to get there but in here is so funny that i don't know what to say it was faster that a book and was short in story line but Gena didn't let that keep what make her book hers out.
it was funny, romantic, passionated, possessive,in your face, and mostly letting two different people get together and also you learned just a little about Olivia before she fall to be with Aeron.
and it actually her words that let Lysander to see what was in from of him all this time.
have fun keep reading
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