Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shift by Rachel Vincent

Love, betrayal, and her choice???
the 5nd book on the werecats series is just another great book on the series and the adventure of Faythe, and her been the first tabby as a enforcement ( tabby are very important for the werecats), and now she is between two love, and after her brother death things are no looking any better for them all.
after her BIG mistake with Jace her brother best friend thing are to get more complicated that before.
and a war on the come and thunder birds in the lose for revenge is up to Faythe again to save the day if she doesn't die first.
i like reading this series Faythe is a very strong woman that only want it out of her prine because she didn't want to be your normal tabby, but her father having a very different plan for her as to when she came to age to become the Alpha.
in all her adventure Faythe have the help of her brothers and friend and lover.
but now thing are complicated when she can tell Marc her lover that she sleep with Jace for his life but when things get bad and the true is out things are to get bad but i supposed we can all wait for the last book on the series, and all that is to come.
i thing Rachel Vincent keep it real ( without saying that were are real ) make the character see as unique as they are. and if this book was difficult for Faythe and her family i can only wait to see what is going to happen in the last when Malcon and the true come out i can wait to read it.
Rachel Vincent has my vote in this one as to a perfect time for a end.
have fun and keep reading
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