Monday, May 24, 2010

Hourglass by Claudia Gray

All we could do now was wait for dawn.

okay so i really don't know what to say or think about this series and this book on particular so, in previews book we learned about Bianca or main character and heroin that she is a born vampire but how is that done is with the help or ghost ( not saying the other words because i just don't remember how to spell it and is just wear).
so she has only to option to die or die wow that is something write lol.
so in this book we find that she scape the Evernight Academy and she is now stock with the Black cross and hiding her true identity, and when a attack in the Black Cross cell and they capture her friend Balthazar she is force to come out and be in the run once again and know she has the Evernight after her, the black cross, the ghost yet what is to come is not something even her can do something what would happen for this to lover is something that would let many in shock and out of words and i say i want to read the next book because the end is so not what i expect from them that i really don't know what the next book is going to talk about but something i have very much right they may be together for ever but no like they want it to start with.
i like it you know it was good is just that things happen so far that i never see some of the things to happen and i think the 4 book is going to be for a perfect end.

have fun and keep reading
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