Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blood Cross by Faith Hunter

Beast and i, are one and the same.....
when Vamp hunter Jane Yellowrock kill the son of vampire master of the city of New Orleans Leonard Pellissier, he is out to get her.
and the only thing keeping her a live was that she have a contract to kill a rouge vamp that is making new vamps and letting them go, but what she discover is a little more that they pay her for.
i not going to say i didn't like the book because it would be a lie, i like it, it was good and have it moments i supposed. but like i say it was missing the romance even though the bring a little of it, she have to chose from 3 guys ( human, Vampire , and blood servant) the Human the cop- undercover but not anymore Rick also know as the Joe and very sexy and player but human.
the vampire the city master out to get her now Leo i don't think is a opinion anymore but still you never know.
and the blood servant George better know as Bruiser but a very dangerous man to be with, his loyalty can been taste and she doesn't like to share.
so it the end everything is good for or heroin but yeah is a cool book but it doesn't need to keep a balance as need Love, action and suspense. so so far she has the action part perfectly the suspense is a little in the work because is not that is not good is just the main character never get thing until is to late but she get a lot of question and some answer. and in the love part well it could always be more of it there is not like she has to be always kicking butt and never doing the bad thing but yet maybe this book work perfectly just like that and people like it as so.
it just my opinion book need a little of the 3 to make it happen and here i think the action is the best on the series.
also i want her to be with Leo i think he is a very powerful man and she is a very powerful woman that need someone that can take her down and also can make her feel better but just know in the story Leo is not in her best wish list so maybe for the oncoming book it would come to something between the two.
have fun and keep reading
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