Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter

He is the keeper of Wrath, The immortal warrior.
she is a Angel send to kill him. but what happened when she chose not to.

OMG i love it i think so far in the Lord of the Underworld this is so far the best.
Gena Showalter really did out do herself with this one, i always new her story where good but this one i love it. so much love sacrifice and i don't i think was to much for my little heart i want a Lord for myself now.

Aeron i think is want of the most loyal of the Lord also he is the one that would do anything to save those he love and doesn't matter what he has to do he do it. of course he also have the need to kill but that is only his demon.
now this angel came to his life Olivia his beautiful Olivia and like the other he would do anything to try to avoid be with the woman and to protect her for there demon but they don't want no else close to her and is just plain funny see them the only one that give himself without much of a though was Maddox ( keeper of violence ) to his wife and future mother, and we find out about her baby but them are surprise of her pregnancy because i wasn't they were like rabbits a never ending reproduction lol.
but hey that what make them so much fun and lovable i don't know if demon would like this i mean they are demon posses and they been living with this curse for far to long but them they already pay the prise of there action by feeling guilt for of the things there done, even there demon have learned to live with that.
of course in this book or main character have to over come to many battles as first she is a angel the she fall, find her way back to Aeron and actually seduced him which by the way i find very much funny because as you may think angels are pure and all that is love and good. and she wanting more that so is something i didn't see coming but them she fall to be with Aeron in the first place and i think if the feeling is pure why not, if the feeling is not only passion is something more them i think is okay that it happen.
and them Aeron is so mad at her at first them she find himself looking a way to be close to her them you her little demon friend making a bargain that make thing even more difficult so wow things for him to get crazy because he didn't want a girlfriend find himself having 2.
now other than that they discover there afterlife and that the box have more power that only to capture the demon in it, also that i think of friend Paris ( keeper of Promiscuity ) is to find his happens once more and or Gideo ( keeper of lie ) to find more that he was barging for.
and not forget Willian ( keeper of nothing but equal as promiscuity as Paris ) Will find himself in a very difficult situation once more.
after all her book let you in so many character that you never know what do with them and who in the story come you want to read next also i can wait for Stridder ( keeper of defeat ) when he find his love and the other as well.

have fun and keep reading
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