Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Omega brig peace to the wolf.

in the Mercy Thompson series we see a werewolf world, in the eyes of a coyote but in here we see the wolf world by a wolf but no any wolf a Omega that is just like a Alpha but she is not dominant but instead peaceful, and brig peace to those around her.
when this book open one of the main character Anna was in another pack, this pack used to abused her. and that what brig Charles and her together in the end as mates.
the different with this series and the other is that this book let you see more about the other character that in Mercy world play a very important role but there is not story of the own. there just there to keep up something at that it.
but in here we see a new face for Bran and some of the new character that came with this new book and many other thing that are very interesting.
this book is very slow to read and took me sometime to do so but i think is mostly because as a opening to a new book or series she is trying to explain something to the reader and that what is happening would see what happen in this next book.

keep reading and have fun.
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