Friday, May 14, 2010

Captivate by Carrie Jones

Pixie Tip
If you suspect someone is an evil pixie do not invite them into your house to hang. Cool pixies? Totally different.
Remember: a pixie can’t come in your house unless invited.

Hero: you might want to be a hero if and when you and your friends are attacked by pixies. Remember, though, that heroes often die.
when i start this series it was i don't know just black and white, bad and good, evil or good. is just there evil and that it.
with the second book we get to see they are not all evil there is always a choice they may have the feeling to do so but they can always try not to.
i mean everyone want to kill someone but is up to that person to do so or better what they think is good or bad.
i like the second book better that the first book and after see all the things that she goes to make her decision, because she doesn't think no one deserve death and that we are not to chose so. and see that she learn the hard way that no always what you think and sometimes you need to do something that may see wrong but is the right think to do.
in here Carrie Jones give the reader a more open view of good and bad and i think the next book to come are going to be very intense because of the War is to come and the love one that are to come around with some of the decisions that they make in order to safe those they love.
let see what Carrie Jones is going to bring in her next book.
Have Fun and keep reading
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