Monday, May 17, 2010

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

She has a secret but she doesn't remember much.......
well if you haven meet a vampire killer with a attitude you haven't meet Jane Yellowrock.
well so this is the first in the series. and i have to see and very happy with the book.
it different and i say it really is as, a good different action flirt and the run for your life.
in this book we have or main character living a life where part of her past is not existed.
she has two life inside her beast and herself and when you are reading you sometimes get a little confused because every time she shift to a different for she becomes the secondary but the one she used the most is the beast and you see that both of them actually talk and you see that and i think that is a good thing when you figure out.
know she is a lot of trouble with beast wanting a mate and she well not the time she is mostly trying to keep beast on control with such much good looking guys and vamps in her life.
even though she is hunting a rouge that is actually helping her to start remembering things about her life and how she become beast but sometimes it get the reader bored but the book is giod to read i think is missing the love part for or main character but we see how she is trying to escape from them and how some of them are there to stay and make sure she give in.
now in the second book i know things are going to start getting messy and she is going to have to see what to do in love and work and well vamp but i can say why because that would take away the fun of all her finding on this book.
i have to read the second book now. =]
have fun keep reading
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