Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

Necromancer, werewolf, sorcerers, witches, Danger Love what is to miss.

The 3rd book on the series it was not to disappoint, the book fallow or heroin Chloe on her quest to freedom after she is put in a house for kid with mental problem but that is not the true that is a house for kid with extraordinary power because of a experiment to make sure there not a treat to them.
after she escape and Lyli House and them the Edison Group she find herself on the run once more, but whit the help of her Ghostly friend Liz, Dereck, Simon and Tori you know the could do anything.
like i say in the other book she been on the run and this one is not different but good thing is that she is learning how to used her power and how to control the death is you want to give it a name to it.
even though she doesn't want to be like this she has this life and now that there once more on the hand of the Edison group is up to Chloe to help there escape.
on previews book we also learn that the two boys were looking for there father would they found it and this book is full of very surprises on the way i think the next book would actually give you the reader and inside look on some of the other character and with or Chloe finally giving herself to guy she like is not very easy no to know what is to come ( I'm not saying how the guy is).
this series is really good and for a teen book is very entertainment it doesn't have anything that is not for the eyes of kid and yet they learn that you can do many thing when you are in that situation when the only thing is you or them.
also you have to have allies and be very much carefully to how you trues and what you want to do been one of the bad or do good for those around you.

have fun keep reading
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