Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kiss of Death by Rachel Caine

Once you are out you wont want to go back..........
I like reading the Morganville Vampires series is fun.
the character are all complement to each other and the main character is always trying to help and she prove just because you are smart doesn't mean you can do anything for yourself.
in her the story is around all the thing she came to know once she came to Morganville and there secret.
but she also found love and friendship and well the usual vampire but she can always work that out with the help of her friend.
something i like is that she is not your kiss ass girl she is just trying to survive and she does what she need to but she also has a Passion to learned that i think is what in the end would make her a vampire that passion and what make her come to tern with her boss a sometime crazy vamp.
in this book they get to go to Dallas but down the way they actually find a group of sick vamps that Amelie father make so.
i like it and i think that this book is a good book to read if you like action but no something over the top and also that look a lot real more that the other usual book because in here the town is vampire zone not human and make for a very interesting plot.
the next is to come soon and i very happy to see what is to come, mostly because this series is always making you want a little more, also i think is going to be in a couple of book to end or at least to have a very happy ending or a happy ending for now.
the series have a lot to tell but it doesn't tell you all at once and make it easy to read and fun at the same time to go to this new world.
Rachel Caine make it happen in here and very happy that she keep it real and on point without making the reader bored.
Have fun and keep reading
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