Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter

He is ultimate Darkness - and all consuming desire.

Lucian is the keeper of Death and Anya is (minor) Goddess of Anarchy.
he desire anya, and she desire him. but they are in a treassure hunter looking for pandora box the only thing that can capture there demons and kill there keepers.

Reading the 2nd book on The Lords of Underworld i found myself more in love with the plot and the story line is a very sexy and romantic story but no only that is a no stop actio as well, you find yourself in love with this demons and there keepers an you see how there story can make you cry and see the sufering.

the first book is just the opening of the series but when you get to read more of of the series you can stop reading Lucian is a very sexy and yet mark person, losing love and making himself a monstert so no woman come close to him so he doesn't have to love again.

and them you have Anya a very free spirit that love her freedon more that anything else and also she is curse.

this two different but yet similar have to fight there atracion a death tread from lucian to anya, and a very desire that what to take over both of them.

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