Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Succubus Shadow by Richelle Mead

Seduction has a dark side.....

well in the 4 book on the Georgina Kincaid series i have to say wow i do love this series Richelle mead knows how to make the reader be part of the plot and sometimes even wish that Georgina really exist.
in the previews book Georgina (our heroin) is always getting herself in crazy situation and after her boss ( the demon) was capture and them save by her, that nothing else could go wrong. you were wrong now Seth ( Georgina's Love) is getting marry and her some to be wive put Georgina as bridesmaid is all to painful for her but no only that a mysterious voice is also calling for her and soon she would not be able to resist.
and her roommate how used to hate her is been a temptation one she doesn't want to become part of.
i really enjoy this book in the other the end was nothing compare with this one for those that haven read the book i can tell but still the end let me speechless and in a good way.
in my opinion i think the next book is going to let the true come out was it for all and also that i think that Georgina and Seth are soul mates in some ways, and because she did soul her soul to make her first husband forget about about her betrayal she was meant to be with him as soul mates and still his soul is looking for her as i learn that in this book.
i don't want to give much away even if i want to but i supposed that they hall point to this book and even though is one of the sadness of the book series i guess the next want is going to be sad but is going to have a happy ending also i want it Georgina to say something to her friend Maddie but is was also good she didn't.
also in this book i supposed that why it took some time to come out but breaking a character past i don't think is not easy and specially one like Georgina that has some much past and also so much love that been love to her, and that make Georgina as a character a very good one even though she has her mistake like everyone but i think been a been that has live some much those mistake at the end would break you once you have to live them one more time.

Succubus Shadows is a very sexy and romantic and tragic story that would keep the reader reading until the end.

Have fun and keep Reading
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