Thursday, April 15, 2010

When the Called is make you have to follow.

Okay reading the Moon Called by Patricia Briggs i think it miss something but is just because i always like the romance in book but eventually it happen, which i like a lot.
the book is a really good book eventhoug i want it much more but is a good first book, like i say before most of the first book are opening to a series and to the character to start to develop so in here we have the that is just that a opening to a Werewolf world eventhough or heroin is not a Werewolf herself she is something else she is a Coyote (lol) which i think is funny but in the same different .
when i actully found about this series i wasn't very short if i was going to enjoy so i didn't do much to put the info of it but after i notice that i was enjoy the book and that i like it a lot, and that it wasn't something like out of this world but actually something kind of true.
and i like it is different and is not trying so hard to be good is just good.
is a very come and get me tale and if you have the chance you have to give it a try because you never know how much you going to like a book.
i say this because it has happend to me before i put a book on hold because i'm sace i not going to like it and end up in love with it. i have this series for sometime now and now i think it was really dumn of me to do so but i like it and Patricia briggs so far has done a great job keeping the suppens in Mercy ( the heroin name) love life but i'm sure she is going to get herself in a lot of trouble once more in the next book.
most people now i love moslty vampire book and adult series but i have to say so far this series have my approbal and i hope people get to see it as i did.

Have fun keep reading
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