Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

The can try to break them but there bond is one and the same..

in silver borne the story change just a little, in Iron Kissed when Mercy is trying to save Zee from a murder that he didn't do she need it information on how to find how did it, so that how she meet Phin and the Book ( s book with story on it, a fae story write by a fae) it help her time and she was taking her time to read it and is untol a phone call from Zee son that she is to give the book back, but surpre ( no so much) in Mercy life nothing is easy and know Samuel wolf is in charged because Samuel try to kill them both.
when i read that part it really get to me and scare as well that how the wolf want to live so much that it would take control of all. i really think that one of the part in the book that was the most interesting and the fat that his would didn't mind been call puppy or puny. =]
the story line for this one i like she didn't have to do anything and still actually almost give her life to save the other as she always do. she could have give the book to the bitch queen and don't have to worry about Fae no more but she didn't and that what really make a person, because she was brave to give her life for the sake of all.
in here we see that for the first time we see the treason on the pack, the hate, the love and what really keep her on there.
i think in the book she was more wolf that a coyote and more wolf that other because she was ready to save them old and give up some other things for to be with Adam. this book really make the relashionship start and even make it stroger.
Patricia Briggs didn't let me down in this book i like her work and i like that in this book she actually let the reader see what the feel in the love making and in other things.

Have fun and keep reading
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