Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meridian by Amber Kizer

Life. Death. And the in between.

Meridian Sozu, wasn' your normal teen she always had animal around but never alive and that how it start by the small animal them at her 16th birthday she leard the true about what she was and why everything around her a very dramatc story when love, compassion and be positive was what make the light in people go all the way up, she is a window to help the soul pass, i like the book is a very nice story and the bible is a big part of this angel vs. demon war, between good and evil the perfet balance.i hope you like this book is a good book when it comes to say that love will conquer all. becuse you can have all and not be happy and have nothing and fell like you have it all, remenber money wont by you happy but it help.Amber kizer is working in a sequel to Meridian so when i have news on it you would be the first to know. good luck and i hope you like the book because is defenetly not bad it tern to learn from it.

Have fun and keep reading

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