Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fallen by Lauren Kate

FALLEN in love was never so........ difficult.

Lauren Kate have a fasinated way to see love, and fallen is so entertaining and breath taking. you would see a new way to fall in love.fallen is a very interesting book you never expect they out comes of the book is very misteryuos and romantic, sexy you name it is really good.when i was reading the book i could not help to feel that they main character Luce ( Lucinda) didn't have a chose but she did even in her pass lifes, and she always love the same person........ her.Fallen is a really good and i recomend it very much, i not going to said much about it because is very to found out the secret that are in fallen but it would take you breath and it would keep you reading to the end.

have fun and keep reading
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