Monday, April 12, 2010

Child of Darkness by Jennifer Armintrout

When she was born all that would come was there salvation.

when reading this book i was a little shock that was not as good as the first i suppost, i did love the end but is was a little low to get there and all but well things are like that i suppost when the first book was the opening to the story this was the opening as well for the main story.
the book is very dark and misterios and it have a some action and it show treason and corage because you can do something because you think is the best thing to do but if thing don't go the way you think you can either let them kill you or die figthing.

child of darkness is just a opening of Cerridwen dauther of ayla and Malachi, but one thing this book has that i quite like is the dishonesty and how they try to keep her safe when what they really should have teach her something else, but them again this book it have there on apiling to it.
and in here the main character or one of them find that even though her mother was not the best she have her motives to do the things she did and that what really keep her safe.

i like the first book much better i have to say but maybe the next book is good as the first one.

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