Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wait till helen comes by Mary Downing Hahn

Wait Till Helen Comes.

Winner of 11 state book awards....

there is not wounder why?this book is so good Mary Downing Hahn is best know for her thriller your basic stepsister that hate you but what you don't know is that she have a dark secret that secret make her very much attrative Helen a little girl ghoust.this book is genuinely scary but no in a bad way you going to be very sorprise about everything that happen.i really love the book it something very realistic and something that can happend to any of us but, for Molly ( the narritor in the book ) it was more that something it was a opening for your eyes.ghost story are always in every where you look but this book really take you and let you see the pain and the sufer that many soul have past trow,this is a most read book is no a series but she have more novel.i have to said that she really make you belive in the paranormal and also that what they can do to you or what there looking that you do for them, i think after reading this book that or soul is very sensitive and what we become iafter death is what we are in live.i really hope never to see a ghost but if i do i think we have to respect them and sometimes they just want help but you need to read the book i promise you that you going to love it and if you don't tell me i send you the money ( jk) =]

have fun keep reading

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