Monday, April 26, 2010

Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs

She knows now.... you need to RUN.

so in the past book we learn that Mercy kill two vampires and in this book the Mistress of the vampire learn of the true, as well to make sure that Mercy pays for her action again the vampire and not only that a old friend comes in the best moment possible or is just a coincident. but in Mercy there is not coincident. after helping the Far and been abuse on body and mind she have her panic attack and keeping them under control when giving her self to Adan is not something that seen very easy.
now she is mate with Adan, bond with Stephan and fighting for her life and the stick keep coming to her, what would she do.
well the series has his thing because reading the first book is was like okay i know she is going to help each of them but then she did so and the vampire learn the true so far that is true but what next i supposed she would be the one to show the world about them all or maybe she is going to find more Walker like her and learned some true how know the series is a good one and mercy is a very strong character that no only look very human ( eve though she s not one) about the things that happend to her and Patricia Briggs know how to bring some life to them all.
i really like this series is take me sometime to read it but is mostly because i more a fan of adult book because there not scare of saying or doing anything, so i think is more of a vision that anything else.
The Bone Crossed have action, love and a lot of growing to or Mercy girl. would see what happen to her next but i think what ever it is, is going to make her love more her life at the pack and Adan and Stephan is going to be around to be there for her.

Have fun and keep reading
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