Sunday, April 18, 2010

Twice as hot by Gena Showalter

How you plan a wedding when the groom don't remember you. to top that his ex-wife is trying to win him back and the person that took his memories is trying to win you.

reading this book my good i so love this story i though the first book was good but this one is just wow i can say anything else is really good book.
like is so different and at the same time so possible like vampire and werewolf are like born or something in here experiment is so possible that after reading the book i was thinking that what happened to Belle in the book can really happen but i supposed it would be different.
in here she is so no controlling her abilities and to top that she is getting marry but her groom lost his memory in a mission now he doesn't know her and she have to fight to get his love live back and his ex is after him to get him back.
and the person that stole Rome memory is in love with or heroin (Belle). so when she start beginning to wonder if she is mean to be with Rome, like his think so.
i think when Gena write the book she only want it to keep it in one book but them she though of the other side and she think is really belle was mean to be with Rome is just to see if a happy ending is store for them but nothing is sure in the end i love the book is so good is romantic funny and exiting Gena Showalter is a great writer and make her book so sexy and romantic that you can help the feel that you want that love even if it mean to have power and be always in constant danger it would be worth to fight but be with that person that comply you.
don't miss this book and her other series i promise you love it =]

keep reading and have fun
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