Thursday, April 22, 2010

Revealers by Amanda Marrone

Are you a good witch...or a bad one?

Judes is your regular teen during the day and ass kicking maching at night. for the uncome birthday of her and her friends they would be come part of the iner circel of the coven but there is a big secret there and is up to them to find the anwers, but when her friend start acting strange she start to digging in for some anwsers.i like the book is very interesting and wheni stat reading i notice that she make the witches the ones and everything else where bad, but true be told in everything there is good and evil you just have to do what is best with the condition.i don't if this book maybe have a second part i guess you can make it happen is a really good story and the BIG SECRET is as big as it make it. i dont want to say the big secrt ecaue that te holl idea of the book, so check it out and have fun readin it is a nice story and is not your normal vampire and witch or anything like that i tink Amanda Marrone like to tll mething with hr story making it kind fiction on t to make a pointso i like it and realy hope people read it.

Have fun and keep reading

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