Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

She is not shade-shifter she is a WALKER.

The second book on the Mercy Thompson series is a little slow but it does has more action that the first book, something the Mercy Thompson series so far miss is the romance and every time it come out is really something our main character is torn by two Wolf literally and both are looking for her heart but now a new danger is in town and she would risk all to save those she love.
in here the second book let you learn a little more about the vampires in the book Stefan to be more specific and after last time when he help her rescue Addan daughter Jesse he is out asking for the payment of that favor.
but when the favor turn to be a deathly one and Stefan is missing and them Addan and Sam as well things get a little freaky.
i like the book story line because is a opening to this new idea where the things that are in the night are very dangerous as well as secretive.
in here the Fae are the first to come out to the public and that make some pretty difficult situation for the other to come out, and when the wolf now those that at well those that don't want to be out in the open have to do anything to keep them self hide.
is a good book and the character have a lot of personality on the on and in here we know for sure that some vampire are evil and some just want to change that idea, and have a chance on love.
i think people should give it a try to this book have some really good moments and i like to say that for a book that doesn't have that much of a romance i see it would come soon enough.

Well Have fun and keep reading
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