Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout

Avoid sunlight, Drink blood, hate yourself forever. WELCOME TO IMMORTALITY
okay i have to say i really like adult book, i guess is because there is not really pretty up the words and they say what they actually feel no something like i hate you the saty F*** you and that make it more easy to belive and suppose.

well reading this book i like it a lot and guess if i was in her position i probably would be thinking that Cyrous could be good as well but then is also true that you make your on path no one can take your own freedon they can manipulate you but that is something that can happen to anyone.

i really love this book and i have a feeling that i going to like a lot the series. the book was dark and sexy, very miisterious because or main character had some secrets to tell and to see the way some of them where and why is kind of make you thing that someone is how it is because of what they see of what the past did to them.

i truly love it and i have to say i did love it becuse i finish it in one day and half. i really do recomend to read it and have fun with it.

i know this is not my best blog but is late and i don't think tomorrow i could be aveble to write so i do it today.

have fun and if you have any question yous ask away.

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