Thursday, April 22, 2010

Once Death Twice shy by kim harrison

Once death twice shy by Kim Harrison.

Okay this is the new series I believe from Kim Harrison, I have to say it s a really good story. The story is a girl that was kill before her time and she toke some amulet, from the guy that kill her without knowing her really fate and why she was kill or be able to keep the amulet. The amulet keep her alive well not alive but with a temporally body, but she is still death.
Reading this book was cool the talk about angel and death of the most but the level of creativity that Kim has in her book show, she always have something new to put on you plate and make you imagination go wild, in the book the angel and death are the main focus even thou in this book her main character Madison is not as strong as her pass character in the hollows she make this teen go to strong situations that can change life, and in the end the question remain if choice or fate that move us.
I can wait to the next book to come out. I really recommend people to read it and have fun because is a fun book to read is a totally different from the hollows but as well put together you notice her work as you read.

have fun and keep reading
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