Thursday, April 22, 2010

Uninvited by Amanda Marrone

When rejection comes back to bite you....

Jordan life's suck literally, her boyfriend dump her, and the his out with all the girls that he can put his hand on, and them he kill himself????but te worst of think is the day of his funeral, he is waiting for jordan in her window, asking her to ask him to come in beggin her to do so but why?what i like i about this book is how well put together Amanda Marrone put it down. when i start reading it was a little confuse but them she explain everything and you get the idea preatty fast.tin uninvited she make the vampires see bad or this particular one, not in all the book the vampire are all that bad but in here they actually make it sound like that.other thing i like is that or main character Jordan is not your typical teen, she has a lot of problem like her mom more interesting in other thing but her, she drunk and she used drugs and sleep with guys she doesn't know and even care, she have so much trouble in her that she actually doesn't know how to used a simple word NO, to tell no to everything, and when you read you see that she learnd to speak for herself and learn that she doesn't need any of that things to feel good about herself. and i really love to see a character grow in one book lik ein here most of the time in series you see them growin several book, but in this short story she let you see that she is still working on in but she is better now that she know what is good for the book and hope people get to read it and see this new world were or main character is not perfect.
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