Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stray by Rachel Vincent

The Werecat are out to get you..

Okay i know i say was doing this only for the Lords of the underworld series by many reason but them i think of doing this for at least the first book in each story because there is some much thing to be say and if i wait to i finish i would probably no tell you much about the story line and other things that are mostly part of the first book as the opening of the tale.

okay so reading Stray by Rachel Vincent. i have to say i was hoping for just a little more is not bad but is not as good either, until the part that she is taken the book is a little boring and they get sme action by her looking on ways to free herself.

in this book we see of main character Faythe trying to figure out were she want to be in the Pride ( the comunity of werecats) and the human world. bu she is taken fron her house and she see herself fighing for a way out and you see how much she change by what she see and her desiction that she make.

the book as i say is not bad is just my opinion but i going to be saying this a lot because i don't want people to make any desition in wether not to read a book just because of want i say just tell my opining on the book so people can have a idea of what the book is bout. and th eidea of the book is not that bad i may say i like it. i like it because is not werewolf and the best think is you see a new world that is lkind of fun and different. like most animals in this series you see that most of the character are very much keeping there territory and repecting such acts. i like the idea a lot but i think the book just gat me on the end. would see how the second book goes.

Have fun and keep reading

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