Friday, April 23, 2010

Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

first the Wolf them Vampire now the Fae....... she really need new friends.

Well the 3rd book on this series i think i like it more that the second or first.
i have to say i don't thing rape is a nice thing but we get to see a new face from some of the character and that is what really give life to the story line in this one.
in this series human know about the wolf and Fae, as you may know the only show what they want the human to know about.
the Fae are the more secretive of all them, and Mercy is call in a favor after the help the Fae give to her after the vampire/demon was on the lose, and even though i miss so much Zee character it was also nice to see her go to so much just to safe him, and show too that the human only like power and things they want to control and that we are not like animal at all we come first other later and this is the horror of all.
in this book rape is part of something and some may thing death is a big punishment for that i supposed that been abuse is worse that been death because death you feel nothing but when you are a live the feeling someone touch you without you wanting and the feeling of not been able to do something teach that animal in sting are sometimes write.
( I'm not saying is right to kill)....
i like the series is a very good book and keep the reader in wait of what is to happened and how is to happen i like it and Patricia Briggs bring a new thing to the table even if the thing have been done she put a touch to it that make it new and original.
i like it and i hope get the Chase to give it a try.

have fun and Keep reading
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