Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Brush of Darkness bybAllison Pang


"I had a naked incubus in my bedroom. With a frying pan of half-cooked bacon and a hard-on. And a unicorn bite on his ass. Christ, this was turning out to be a weird morning. Six months ago, Abby Sinclair was struggling to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Now, she has an enchanted iPod, a miniature unicorn living in her underwear drawer, and a magical marketplace to manage. But despite her growing knowledge of the OtherWorld, Abby isn’t at all prepared for Brystion, the dark, mysterious, and as sexy as sin incubus who shows up searching for his sister—and is convinced Abby has the key to the succubus’s whereabouts. Abby has enough problems without having this seductive shape-shifter literally invading her dreams to get information. But when her Faery boss and some of her friends vanish as well, Abby and Brystion must form an uneasy alliance. As Abby is sucked deeper and deeper into this perilous world of faeries, angels, and daemons, she realizes her life is in as much danger as her heart—and there’s no one she can trust to save her. "

for the first of this series i think the author did a great job with it. you can see that she was not always a writer but no because is bad or anything, but because of the playfulness of the book.

i think she play a lot with the myths which make it really good for it and this story line.

for the first time i can say that her main character is a coward, and it work perfectly for this book and she did a great job, no many author can do that and the one i have read so far has make it barely they end up doing something to make her main character more strong for it to work, or something else. for this one i don't think it need to change anything basically the true is that no many can put off this character as she did.

many know i am one of the many that love a very strong main character but i am very happy with this character because she may be a coward but she has the perfect lover that like her has much to be scare of but at the same time is strong enough for her lover and everything else just play along with them.

as debut comes Allison Pang did it Right. the incubus plus angels and faerie make it more interesting in any case i think i like the idea of it as a book, plus the plot is really good and as bad guys goes she did it but what really got to me is that she did the kidnapping into something new as cruel goes, i think this is one of my favorite scene as kidnapping goes i have read different forms of it and so far this one is the best.

well i hope Allison keep it up and her story stay as pure and playful as this one was plus she is very original when it come to plots let see what her next book is going to bring to the table, she give us a little sneak peak but i think i want to get my hand on the book.

have fun and keep reading

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