Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bitten to Death by Jennifer Rardin


"Jaz Parks and her vampire boss, Vayl, have already fought demons, vampires, and reavers. Now, juggling work and family takes on a new dimension as she tackles her latest challenge: nail the Raptor before he can reduce her to Jaz-bits, survive a head-on crash with Vayl’s violent past, and lever her twin’s military career back on track before a dishonorable discharge ruins his life. To top it off, she must also contend with her father’s issues. Is he losing his mind? Or is someone really trying to kill him – from beyond the grave"

I LIKE IT!!!!!.
I always like book when our heroin does something so crazy, that show her feelings to everyone that when she notice what she has done she looking for a way to explain her self finding there is none.
This book is intense no intense as the one before, but is equal intense because she is become more and more aware of Vayl and that even though she does not want to, because silly reason she still manage to do something to push them 1 step apart and 2 more close.
Also we get to see a little more of Vayl pass is very interesting if you ask me, and it need to be because he been alive for so long, that is do to have some crazy thing going on for him but now he has Jaz that come with a new game plan to put his pass in shame.
I enjoy the book a lot, and because the plot of this books are so different to a point it make it fun to read. Of course as i say before Jennifer Rardin has so much thing going on that is easy to get lost in the book, but them she always make it work that you end up understanding everything that is going on.
For this book insanity play a mayor role, because with everything that has happen to Jaz ( dying 2 times, losing her fiancé, and her entire group of friends, plus them killing his brother wife and best friend, to lose her twin after that) i think is a lot to take but she has manage to no try to kill herself and to work with what she got.
Jaz and Vayl romance is growing on his on but she still doesn't want to give in to it, she is scare of it and because of that she keep doing things that she is not support to do. Also this love of them look pretty real to me, because they don't jump to it in the first book is there but is more that fiscal and they getting to that point where they going to be with each other but at there time no the reader time, but it help that Jennifer let them kiss so we the reader are into it more. this story is a action-meet-killer-sexy-vamps-and-out-of-this-world-romance. Jennifer Rardin knows what she is doing and how she is doing it,she is not coping anyone and she doing what she want with her plot, that way she is keep me and the reader guessing, what is going to happen next and i can wait to find out.

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