Monday, November 8, 2010

One more Bite by Jennifer Rardin

Them you should ask your neighbor in the morning.....

"Jaz and Vayl have been assigned to travel to Inverness to prevent an assassination that has the potential to upset the balance between the west coast vampire nests and allow another Raptor to emerge. In the power vacuum left by Edward “the Raptor” Samos’ death, a struggle for supremacy has begun between his former allies: The Coven of Inverness, the Valencian Weres and The Flock. The struggle takes on a new twist when Pete learns that the Valencians have hired an assassin to take out the Coven’s leader, a powerful witch named Floraidh Halsey. Jaz and Vayl must stalk a killer as wily and Gifted as themselves as they travel through the wild, stark beauty of the Highlands. Their travels also bring new heights to their romance, a new depth to their passion, and a bond they are both, at last, willing to seal."

For some reason i like books that when the author tent to make the reader wait for something to happen so long and them in the end just make that moment just there in your face but no what you want but what is need it for the story.

I like it and Jennifer Rardin know what she is doing, i have to give her that much but come on, i want to see a little more of Vayl and Jaz moment together because they don't have much of those in the series and when they do is so little that i want more, but she only show you so far.
her story is one of my fave, because of the way she make you see the bad and good of people and having a character that job is to kill people no for the right reason but for the need of.
I think what i like more about this series that she is not your usual heroin and that her story of why she became like that is something very interesting, and very frightened that even thou is was very bad on her, it help her grow to become the woman that she is in the series ( you may thing different that many other character have strong background too, but i think her is unique for me).
the not-stop-action-meet-romance series is something once you start you won't stop and you would find yourself in need to find everything this little heroin would come up with.
have fun and keep reading
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