Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bitten in Two by Jennifer Rardin


"Jaz z Parks here. I. Am. Pissed. Just as Vayl and I arrive in Morocco to secure an ancient artifact, he wakes up calling me by another woman’s name. And it’s not even a good one. But since any form of argument transforms him into an unholy terror, I’m forced to play along until the gang and I can figure out what kind of power has so vastly altered his perceptions. So it’s time for me to do what any well-trained assassin in my position might do. I attack. What follows is a hair-raising, breath-taking bullet train ride to the finish as the crew battles on multiple fronts. I now know what I have to do – I must return to hell one last time"

Okay i guess it took sometime for me to actually finish this book, but is not my fault is something i can help, every time I'm reading this series there is this need to read Jeaniene Frost series the Night Huntress the world of cat and bones so I'm reading both book and i take longer to finish this one.
I love this series and mostly i love Jaz as a character she is so funny and crazy and i just don't say that because she is possess, i say it because she has her inner voices that make the story a lot more crazy.
this series has a little of everything and for the first time there is not much going on our at least it in different time during the book that are working that out.
Valz losing himself and only remembering his life in 1777 is so wear because when you start the book you don't understand what is going on, and them at some point go understand some and them when you about half the book you go ahhhh that what is going on!!
i think Jaz kiss ass and that Jennifer Rardin did a good job in this one and is funny because this is one of the strongest in the series, plus a good side is that you can read the book as the first and you still don't miss much because she keep talking about constantly of course is always good to read the other because you would understand much more.

get this copy now

have fun and keep reading

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