Sunday, September 26, 2010

Phantasm by Phaedra M. Weldon

When out-of-body is out of reach....

"Just when Zoë Martinique, formerly ordinary twenty-something, was getting used to the idea that she was possessed of extraordinary powers, she lost them. Without cause or warning. And at the worst possible time.
Now, unless she can figure out how to go Wraith again, she won't be able to rescue her mother, whose soul is trapped on the Abysmal plane.Her only hope is to join forces with an old enemy, who has his own dark reasons for helping her.
From him she learns that only a traumatic experience can bring the Wraith back. To get out-of-body, Zoë will have to look for big, dangerous trouble - and fast.
For there is a deadly and powerful being within the Abysmal that wishes Zoë never existed - and it's coming for her."

For book 3 on the series, I was not disappointed I actually Love it. Is one of my favorite in the series so far ( you know i actually like The TC and he come out in this one a lot).
Anyways the characters in this one I like it ( are the same from the other just they are acting more strong than the book before) and in the last book we hear a lot about Zoe Dad so I supposed that he was to come in for this book so we learned how he is ( mostly when authors speak of a character before hand and is one that is dead or something is because we are to learn about him/her very soon). Is actually fun to learned what happen to her dad and all that, of course the big mystery here is how is Maharba and why he does what he does but that would come soon i hope.
Zoe losing her abilities is this book not only let you to know why she lose them and how so that is a plus for the book.
This story is full of surprises that i can get enough of it. It has almost everything Love, Passion,Mystery, Caring and action and is nice to see all this in a story so original that is playing for it own competition.
I still think Zoe need to grow up a little but in each book she does grow a little no only in power but in everything even though she still need her mom and all that she knows she now can do things by herself if is necessary.
I can wait for the next book and if you ask me i want her to date Joe he actually a little more put together than Daniel that is all crazy and all that but would see what happen next i guess.

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