Friday, September 17, 2010

Wraith by Phaedra M. Weldon

You can see me but i can.....

"First in an excitingly different and new paranormal series. Zo' Martinique has turned her unusual ability into a career. When she's traveling, she can't be seen which makes her an ideal professional snoop. Industrial espionage, surveillance, whatever. But one night things get out of hand while she's outof- body. She witnesses a murder and a soul stealing, and discovers she has unwelcome company: Trench- Coat, a ghostly killer who can see and hurt her. Teaming up with a blue-eyed police detective, she tries to solve the case and improve her love life. She also enlists the support of her psychic mother and the ghostly couple who haunt her house. And with murderers, kidnappers, and a desperate ex-porn star involved, Zo' needs all the help she can get."

WOW!! I guess it took me longer that normal to read this book, I finally read it. it happen that want it to re-read another book "Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost".
Anyways, this story "Wraith" is not bad of course is so unique, that make it good ride out the back. I never read something like this or maybe once but they were aliens ( so no is not the same) the idea of different worlds in one, one that can be see for those of the living and the one that can be see for the one of the death and some on. To make thing interesting or main character can see both.
The book is okay is not great or anything, because the main character is a little child like, and she get out of contest to often so make the book longer ( and in my opinion no that interesting) I think the book could be much better if the main character Zoe become a little stronger and just not so childish is very difficult to take her serious when she act like a 15-years-old ( and i have see stronger 15-years-old character).
I think her a background story is a very strong one,so it should make her more strong and i don't know think things thru and stop acting like a big baby ( i guess anyone in her potion would be cry but if she acted smart she won't be in that situation to start).
The idea of the book I like plot love it, wonderful and with the other things aside ( main character).
when it come to the other character I think they all need a little more, expect the one she call TC (Trench‐Coat, the bad guy) in my opinion he is the only one there that is really acting as what he is and not some i bad but i would become good kind of thing.
over all i may read the next book because the end in this one is not a bad one and i know TC is coming back so i want to know what would happen with that.

if you not scared of ghost click here

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