Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk


"Using magic meant it used you back. Forget the fairy tale hocus-pocus, wave a wand and bling-o sparkles and pixie dust crap.Magic, like booze, sex, and drugs, gave as good as it got."

"Everything has a cost. And every act of magic exacts a price from its user--maybe a two-day migraine, or losing the memory of your first kiss. But some people want to use magic without paying, and they offload the cost onto an innocent. When that happens, it falls to a Hound to identify the spell's caster--and Allison Beckstrom's the best there is.Daughter of a prominent Portland businessman, Allie would rather moonlight as a Hound than accept the family fortune--and the many strings that come with it. But when she discovers a little boy dying from a magical offload that has her father's signature all over it, Allie is thrown back into the high-stakes world of corporate espionage and black magic.Now, Allie's out for the truth--and the forces she finds herself calling on will overturn everything she knows, change her in ways she could never imagine...and make her capable of things that powerful people will do anything to control."

for the first book on this "out of not where" book by Devon Monk, I have to say i was a little impress,( I don't like all book at first, not a least to the end) is a little addictive but not as to say you can stop.( like other book i have read) i think the first book is just the opening and it let the reader wanting a little more, but only when you get to the very last chapters ( in my case i don't know if i want to read book 2, but i need to know what happen so i would read it).
This book is the type "that the end is go read the next book if you want to know what happen to them as in lovers" or something like that, but the twist is that the main character loses her memory sometimes with the used of magic. ( so that would tell you a idea of the end) but that too help you to re-learned the character, and everything that happen in the 1 book.
when it come on the plot i think is a great job what this author has done, a world were magic is used by everyone but like everything it most have it cost, what make this idea brand new for me is that or heroin doesn't have to say the world she choose to do so but only because she get in the middle of it and she want answer, i love the idea of her no be the most powerful human or Magic user there is and that his love interest have feeling and she can see it and know that there is more.
the story is really good only one fact that is scare is that she fall in love really fast but them if there to be together as soul mates it make same, now that we left to know what is going to happen for the next book is the question.
for some of this book some enemies are very hard to kill so let see what happen in the next book.
i think Devon Monk work is going to get better the more i read the series and the more i read she is to become a favorite in my list anything can happen ( story that happen with zodiac series by Vicki Pettersson love the last book but it took me that much to fall for her books).

have fun and keep Reading
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