Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cheat the Grave by Vicki Pettersson

Old habits die hard......

"Joanna Archer is working hard to put the painful events of her recent past behind, doing her best to embrace mortality after being superhuman.
But when she is stalked by a madman, she is forced to dive back into Vegas' underworld to piece together shocking discoveries about the mother who abandoned her, the lover who betrayed her, and the daughter who will follow in her footsteps. But in order to win back all those things, she must face off against a death-dealer who carries his soul in a blade... one that's screaming her name"

for the 5th book on the Zodiac series, Vicki Petterson brig to us, some of the answer that were left hanging on the last book and the possibility that Joanna mother may come back to her, after so long.
but with this book i think Vicki let many of the hater quite and with there mouth hagging wide open ( i should know i was one of them).
when i start this series long time ago i didn't like it much i think i like the idea of something different, and not vampire or were like mostly the book i read but something that could happen why would be difficult to think someone is out there fighting the war for our life's for or freedom for our choice ( i know i should stop reading before i need to go to a doctor) but i think this is mostly to the idea for me anyways that we are something important and if we don't have power there is more power in action that if you are very strong or very fast it would help but is no all that there is to it.
this is my favorite on the series so far i love it, i didn't understand much at first i was a little confuse and trying to remember what happen in the last book but i end up remembering all and so much more. this book is actually all in all and i think this book actually teach something important to the main characters that we see how she is growing on the past book but in here i think she grow the more because she is ready to accept what she is and what she is to do and there is many possibility for the book.
now this book end let me think about the possibility i can wait to get my hand in the next book on the very least a teaser anything to let me see if I'm wrong or just hoping for it.
also maybe in next book to come we could see a little more of Joanna Daughter and mother but for now she is Gray and Light and Dark are out of the picture because they can always be only to color you have to see there is more color in the rainbow.

have fun and keep reading
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