Friday, August 20, 2010

Once Bitten by Clare Willis

She's just his type

"Is it more than just a one-bite stand?
Angie McCaffrey has endured her share of liquid lunches and boardroom schmoozefests to win new advertising clients. But her latest account-a cosmetics line for wannabe vampires-involves some unusual customer research at San Francisco's hippest private nightclub. The "undead" patrons are about as genuine as Macabre Factor's press-on fangs, but one thing is very real-the skin-tingling connection Angie feels with her clients' mysterious friend, Eric Taylor.

Still, there are a few problems with this hot new romance. 1) Eric is rumored to have dated Angie's scheming boss, Lucy. 2) Lucy, missing for days, just turned up dead and bloodless. And, oh yeah, 3) Angie has suddenly developed a teeny aversion to sunlight. Is Eric a real vampire, a killer, or both? Angie's got a lot riding on the answer-her life, her heart, and maybe even her soul..."

What to say about this book? I think Clare Willis have the right ideas and her mind was on it, but I just didn't like the book much. to be honest would I read the next book ? YES i would, is just that is not bad is just complicated. I like the plot, the idea of him be so i don't Know ( for lack of better word) mysterious and she just been plain ( regular ) and having a murder is a plus in my book, and the mystery for her to find everything out and the end to everything end up making sense I love it, it took her time but it was in the right way in the right moment on the book i guess.
I think why i didn't like much the book was because I didn't understand everything and I think is a shame, because the plot of the book and the idea of vampire in general is so different that I wish I have get it better ( i can always re-read it of course). Clare Willis bring something new, for me and just the idea of new i like but, not getting much of what she want it to say is one of the reasons i would read book two but i think if i have get the book better i would be reading book two because i fell in love with it.
The character of or heroin is a little silly (i don't know why I think of her just a silly girl but I do! hum) or i see to think that i like i get she is so in love with this guy but seriously i think she need to be a little more strong ( not kick ass but just stronger), but I think right what they say about actors ( she is a actress gone to business) are more sensitive that everyone else.
Like I say this book has a great plot, a lot of mystery, a murder, romance and vampire (4 plus). but only need is to work in letting the reader ( maybe was only me) to get what she is trying to do with this vampire new vampires ( there new because they are not immortals, like i say didn't get that much) are or explain the idea of them because i get it just, not understand it when i was reading it only after that was that i get it ( and not much).

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