Monday, August 23, 2010

Winter's Passage by Julie Kawaga

He never was this cold......
" WINTER'S PASSAGE,a free novella in the Iron Fey series will be available for download June 1st. It takes place between THE IRON KING and THE IRON DAUGHTER and follows Meghan and Ash on their perilous journey deep into the heart of Winter. Check out for more details. "
This short story take Place in deep of The Tir Na Nog ( the Winter Court). it take place between Iron King and Iron Daughter so I want it to read, to see what happened because sometimes the talk about something in Iron Daughter that happen there ( winter's passage) and sometimes the reader doesn't understand because they don't read this particular book ( i learned it reading another book, but it only happen in between books).
I know I say I wasn't reading this series anymore i know-i know but i though WHY NOT GIVE IT ANOTHER CHANCE? anyways there only 3 book on the series is not much and the next book doesn't come until 2011 so is good.
this short story is a little boring as well ( check my other post if you haven't read it) has is moment but nothing to make you go crazy for this two lover and forbidden love i see before ( sorry don't want to be cruel is just my opinion, I'm just telling the true i don't want people buying something because i give it a good feed back and hating it so remember this is my opinion on the mater no one else influence me) but i think i want it to see something more strength in her but is to soon to see that because this book pick up at the same moment of the last book, she need to grow a little but anyways something in this book DID make me stop and think. "she has a dream when she is once again in the Iron King court and this time when he turn around to face her is her own face"( i know give a way) but many people never read the short story so i want it to give at least these so in case she talk about it in Iron Daughter you notice that little detail.
over all i just want more emotion into it and i yet to fell it but i still giving it a second chance maybe i love the next book and have to eat my very words of this book.
in the description of the book you can find a way to download this book free =] ( with this economy saving at least at something like this is good)
have fun and keep reading
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